Antique boxes - from antiquity to the present time.

  • 2012-02-25

    It is believed that the first box came to us from ancient eastern states. From that time until today they were made from different materials: metal, wood, plastic, glass, stone and bone. To  was a beautiful view, it covers an expensive fabric, leather, carving, engraving, embroidery and even decorated with precious stones.

    Antiques having the highest value, are considered antique jewelry boxes for jewelry made by skilled craftsmen from eastern countries around 2000let ago. These were cases of very different shapes, made of wood. Each artist would be the best in his shkatulochnom fact, so constantly invent new ways and methods of grinding tree decoration boxes.

    Before the Industrial Revolution, all boxes were made by hand, so they were incredibly expensive items. For many centuries the casket was in demand among the most influential and rich people and used exclusively for storage of valuable items. Were made to order boxes, inside covered with silk and covered with precious stones. The cost of some of the boxes could exceed the price of jewelry, which it was stored.

    Very often the boxes were supplied with locks and secrets. Masters, who produced these items, go to the most sophisticated tricks to the box could become the guardians of the secrets of their respective owners. Many of the old boxes were hidden branch known only to the owner, a double and a triple bottom, as well as the most modern and sophisticated locks that allow you to open the box only after it is very complex sequential actions. Many of those old boxes today are truly antique masterpieces.

    Have great value antique music boxes, which is considered the birthplace of Switzerland. The very idea of ​​such an invention was born in Flanders, Belgium. It was here that has a facility called korilon (spinning cylinder with spikes, pressing on the hammer). Many years after the invention of the instrument appeared to a model that can fit into a small box.